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Samhain - 25 years

It's been 25 years since the first appearance of Samhain, a project that belongs to a golden era of Slovak electro-industrial scene. To commemorate this great milestone, Samhain releases old tapes: 25 killer tracks from their archives. Now available on Bandcamp as "name-your-price" download.

New releases . November 1st, 2021




After an exhaustive break, The Opposer Divine comes with an album that was crafted from 8 mostly instrumental tracks, thus the name INSTRUMENTALCODE. CD is supported by strictly limited 10 pieces of small artworks by ChrisXX of Terminal State available for a separate order.

New releases . October 1st, 2021



Loct In - Technological Hamlet

Loct In is another project from a popular Slovak duo of electro experimenters Bop and Solo (L.I.O.B-Samhain - Eclipsed). They used the name Loct In in the 90s during their experimental and improvisational sessions. A stylish rebirth brought the first fruit. Technological Hamlet is out on Electrofrequent on September 10th, 2021.

New releases . May 15th, 2021



Vein Cramp - Unnatural Shock

Feel the noise and rhythm: Vein Cramp releases Unnatural Shock on September 1st, 2021 on Electrofrequent. Spanish duo has 9 excellent tracks on this album as well as 3 bonus tracks such as remixes from TC75 and Larva. Welcome, Javier and Andrés.

New releases . August 16th, 2021



Eclipsed - Holyiens

What angels, whales, and the Apollo Space Program do have in common? They all feature on the new Eclipsed album. Solo, kHead, Bop, and Blazena are four Holyiens, bringing new tunes fortified by Don Gordon, Cyan51, and James Mendez. Holyiens is out on Electrofrequent on June 1st, 2021.

New releases . May 15th, 2021



Last Influence Of Brain - Insomnicore

Electrofrequent brings its first release: Slovak dark electro act Last Influence Of Brain. New release called Insomnicore is packed with 12 killer tracks. It will be out on 23 January 2021

New releases . January 15th, 2021



Electrofrequent official announcement

Electrofrequent as a music label covers active projects of the electronic scene around Martin "Solo" Solcansky, Boris "Minor Float" Mutina, Thomas "Chris XX" Mutina, Robert "Bop" Harman. It connects individual artists and provides the possibility of mutual cooperation and feedback. At present, it will publish about 7 projects under its banner.

News . January 15th, 2021

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